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Helping your little ones learn to love education at an early age can do wonders for their academic performance in the future. Give your kids a head start by exposing them to a good learning program. Turn to Tiny Tots University, Inc in Palmetto, FL today for top-of-the-line day care services. With our outstanding curriculum and educational development activities, you can nurture your children and help them discover their full potential with ease.

Mission Statement

Tiny Tots University, Inc will nurture and care for young children between the ages of 12 months and 12 years. We will provide a safe, home-like environment for children to grow and develop in a loving atmosphere.

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We are currently in the process of compiling the testimonials for this page. Please check back soon to see what our customers have to say about us. In the meantime, browse through the rest of our website to learn more about our day care services. We look forward to teaching your children!

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Send your little ones to a fun and loving day care center and give them the intellectual edge they need for school success. Visit Tiny Tots University, Inc today to meet our teachers and day care staff, and see what our learning center is like. If you wish to request more information about our programs,
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At Tiny Tots University, Inc we believe that children are eager to learn. We believe that the way they learn best is when they experience their environment through play in a loving, safe, and respectful environment. It is our duty as educators to provide an atmosphere that allows children to discover, grow, and learn. Teachers provide the expertise and guidance to allow children to be life-long learners. Our objective is to create critical thinking in young children. This is done by helping children develop a positive self-image, development of the “whole child” and supporting the idea of continuous growth through an enriched curriculum. We implement the OWLS Curriculum to help meet our goals and objectives. Some of goals are as follows:

  • Additionally, there are universal goals that all children will meet before leaving our center. These goals include social/emotional, physical and cognitive skills appropriate to the child’s development stage which the teachers will focus on in their daily lessons.

  • When children begin the next milestone in their life-kindergarten, they will have a strong basis for the future success based on healthy relationships they have formed over their journey at the Tiny Tots University.

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